SDE Learning Trail How Does It Work?


Water Wellness Tropical Architecture Hybrid Cooling Net Zero Energy Biophilic Design
Hybrid Cooling
SDE4 combines pre-cooled air, with natural and mecahnical air movement to enable occupant comfort at elevated room temperatures.
Adaptive Comfort
SDE4 offers direct control over user's immediate environment through openable windows and adjustable fans speeds, thus helping users adapt to a wider range of thermal conditions.
Mixed Mode
SDE4's hybrid cooling system is a single-pass system that supplies pre-cooled air, at higher temperatures and humidity levels than a conventional system, with additional elevated air speed by ceiling fans.
Enhanced IEQ
SDE4 envelope design optimises natural lighting and cross ventilation and offers scenic views of the sorroudings for building occupants.
Visualisation Tool
This tool uses an experiment to showcase achievement of thermal comfort with a hybrid cooling system using different fan speeds.
SenSING provides indoor sensors that help companies solve three big issues in the workplace: energy savings, comfort and wellbeing, efficiency and productivity.