SDE Learning Trail How Does It Work?


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Net Zero Energy
SDE4 is a Net Zero Energy Building (NZEB), which would produce as much energy as it consumes over one year.
Energy Generation
SDE4 uses the 1225 solar photovoltaic cells on its roof for renewable energy generation. These cells generate over 500 MWh of energy per year, which is equivalent to the buildings annual energy consumption.
Demand Reduction
SDE4's building form, envelope design, hybrid cooling system and use of energy effecient fixtures help cutdown its energy demand compared to conventional buildings in the tropics.
SDE4 offers a combination of co-working and convectional spaces to occupants, providing them freedom to choose their work style while optimising energy and space consumption.
SpaceMatch is an AI-enhanced spatial recommendation engine trained by users’ environmental comfort preferences to recommend the most comfortable and available workspaces.