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Water Wellness Tropical Architecture Hybrid Cooling Net Zero Energy Biophilic Design
Tropical Architecture
SDE4 uses a combination of active and passive strategies to respond to specific conditions of weather, sun, and climate in Singapore and the tropics.
Building Form
SDE4's orientation along the east-west direction minimizes direct solar heat gain and maximises the cross flow of prevailing winds to provide comfortable and energy efficient spaces.
Envelope Design
SDE4's large, oversailing roof and vertical shading screens on the east and west facades provide coverage from direct sunlight and limit undesirable heat gain from solar radiation.
Natural Ventilation
SDE4's large open spaces face the natural direction of wind flow and facilitate cross ventilation across the entire building.
Landscape Design
SDE4's surrounding landscape provides shading, mitigates urban heat island effect, and helps reduce noise from nearby traffic.
Sky Timber
The project focuses on the challenges of sustainable forestry, MET prototyping, weathering and humidity resistance testing and architectonics studies in the tropics.
NUS-CDL Tropical Technologies Lab
The lab focuses novel ways of integration of solar (BIPV), farming systems and tropical timber technologies into the building envelope.